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Originally Posted by Bryanmc1988 View Post
i have some nipple connectors but i dont think that will work as if i turn one way the other will losen up or via versa...
Doesn't work that way. Tighten one and everything with right-handed threads behind it will be torquing in the correct direction. And if you can buy it in the plumbing section of a hardware store, it has right-handed threads.

I'd go with two tees.

But f you wanted to do up/down/up/down, I'd go nipple/street elbow on the first and third port, and 1" nipple/street elbow on the second and fourth ports, as you'll need some height clearance to turn the elbows.

So, if you follow my advice, that's four street elbows, two nipples, and two long nipples. But, either way, you'll figure it out
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