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Originally Posted by ramen lover View Post
wow i really like that driftwood and how you placed it on the rocks. im sure little fishes/shrimp/whatever will like to hide in there
I think I am going to go with 5-6 Otto's, some nerite and trumpet snails and some blue pearl shrimp. I think it wil be a nice lil' habitat.

Current Flora;

Floating: Riccia Fluitans
Left BG: Bacopa Carolina
Middle BG: Cryptocorne Wendtii 'red'
Right BG: Brazilian Pennywort
Middle MG: Cryptocorne parva or undalata
Right MG: Some Ludwigia...
Left/right of Driftwood: Anubias Barteri 'coffeefolia'
On top of driftwood: Christmas Moss
Left FG: Unknown, extra in shipment!
Right FG: Pygmy chain sword
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