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I have kept all kinds of live food cultures. Monia, daphnia, grindal worms, white worms, micro/banana/walter worms, vinegar fruit flies, infusoria, tubifex, blackworms and plant worms. Oh and springtails but that was an accident.

In the end it all depends on what your goal is and what fishes you keep. Tubifex worms hands down for me in terms of nutrition. Nothing makes a fish grow and breed faster than tubifex worms. Horrible to culture them though. Microworms are so easy and they keep your fry alive. But they don't really have much nutrion at all. I love daphnia/monia but nutrition all depends on what you feed your daphnia. Relatively good staple food though.

If time and space is a concern along with not being able to be consistante enough to maintain a culture, use golden pearls. Really its not bad at all. Even for fry raising. As long as its fresh, it will do the job.

If you are looking for live food cultures, let me know which ones and I can prepare one but otherwise I don't normally keep cultures large enough to sell anymore.

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