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Time for a photo update? Yes!

The tank's been ticking along ok. Well, apart from the 2 shrimp I lost last week. And one a couple of days ago

Two of them had that strange gap in their shell, I think it's from a bad molt. I am feeding spinach at least twice a week. Hopefully that will stop.

My water is all within parameters, except TDS which is around 250. I started using distilled water from the supermarket a month or so ago. That's made life easier but I think I preferred mixing RO. I'll see if I get any more fatalities.

As you will see, the rest of the shrimp seem to be happy with the conditions..

Ok, photos..

Here is a young Java fern coming through. In fact I have few growing now. I have a question... The tops don't look healthy, are the shrimps nibbling at them when they first start to grow, or is it something else?

Ok, no more questions..

As I feed spinach regularly, I wanted a better way to feed them than sticking my hand in, and weighing down the spinach with gravel. So I made this. It's a piece of fishing line, with a some gravel glued to the end. I then cook the spinach and thread it onto the line. I make a loop above it, as sometimes it floats up.

They really like it as there are lots of angles for them to feed, and I like it because I don't get my hands wet and I can drop it at front of the tank for better viewing.


Here is a male saying hello! (In a moody sort of way!)

Chilling like a boss

Here is the special one. It hasn't grown. Aww. Still cool though!

I know that a lot of people like these type of photos..

Haha, we see you!


And finally..

I spotted my first berried shrimp a day or two ago! This is my first berried shrimp, so I am rather happy about this

Also, I did a water change yesterday, and within 20 mins I saw a molt. Then a few hours later I saw a male go up the female and they totally get it on! They started on top of the driftwood, but fell off, locked together. Obviously I have never seen this before. I did take a few pics but I will spare you!

So by last night I had two berried shrimp!

I think I am going to make a cull tank. In the main tank I have one male that is hardly red at all and then there is the special one. So I might move them out into another tank and any others in the future that don't look so red. I will still look after them the same though

Thanks for looking!
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