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It clouds for a few hours, then clears up. Typical for everyone pretty much.

It does not target bacteria, it targets inverts, algae and if high enough, plants and fish. If you follow directions + do a large water change, remove as much before hand, then dose it for the 3 days, it will kill many of the microinverts you cannot see without a microscope etc. There are quite a few of them.

When Algaefix (Busan 77 pesticide) is added to water with soil particles, I suspect it binds and you get the white floc you see. Busan will bind very aggressively to soil particles. It's not available to kill algae at that point and slowly is broken down. It does re release back into the water until then(thus non toxic).

I've seen the white floc in soft and hard KH's.

Add the 7 mls of Algaefix for 3 days. Do a water change if you did not prior.
After 3-4 th day, do another, algae should be 100% dead on the 4th day.
Add shrimp back.

Watch CO2.

That's pretty much it.

Same issue for the same reason happened on my 70 Gal as well.

It will kill shrimp, they act drunk after 1-2 days and then die off in larger no#'s 2-3 days after the 1st treatment. Fire shrimp died off at about 70-80% mortality through the entire treatment. Amano's are less susceptible but will still die.

Tom Barr
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