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Nalu's IBC and shelve Aquaponics.

Maybe its time for a little journal about my new hobby.

330 gal IBC tote
Odyssea 4x 54W T5HO and a Diamond plate 2x32W T8
Pump 640gal/h
Fluval 305
40 gal sponge filter
Ikea timers
ebb/flood on timer 30min on 30min off
Hydroton pebbels

Fauna (for now)

13 H Rasboras and 1 lost Tilapia (long story)


Basil, Broccoli, Thyme, Lemon Thyme, Carrots, Chives, Berry bushes, Echinacea

275gal IBC tote
HB 6x 32W T8 with good reflectors
Pump: 262gal/h
Sunsun 302 filter
40 gal sponge filter
Ikea Timer
Ebb/ Flood every 3h with 30 min off.
River rock pebbels


Still cycling


Mixed lettuce, Kale, Tomatoes, Green beans, Cucumbers, Mint

Tilapia fingerlings in 75gal growout tank

IBC and Shelve Aquaponics
Show your aquaponics
125g Breeding group Tilapia
2x 75g+ 40B Tilapia outgrow tanks
20H Philippine blue Angelfish breeders + fry
20L CPD and Shrimp tank
10g Apisto Gibbiceps

Bengal: Meisje
Savannah Cat: Kimchee

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