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Day 3 update. The tank's water has cleared up. But, don't worry, I will mess the water up again soon enough. Will make some edits to the tank over the weekend such as adding one more bag of shrimp sand to the back of the tank and adding some more plants. I got 15 more stems of True Rotola Indica coming. So, before I make any changes, here's some before photos.

I was a bit worried that the tank wasn't getting the right amount of circulation as the water was a bit hazy for the last few days and thought about getting some ADA metal pipes thinking the tank needed longer pipes. Also, I thought the Purigen had lost its prowess and needed to be replaced. I guess the Eheim just took a bit longer to get the tank clear on the 60P compared to the 60F. With the 60F, the water cleared usually in a day.

So, I didn't do an obligatory detailed list of equipment used in my first post. So, here it is.

Tank: ADA 60P
Pipes: Cal Aqua Nano
Light: Brazo LED (18 High Power LED with focus lens and dimmer) I hated this light for reading but love it as an aquarium light.
Filter: Eheim 2236 w/ sintered glass and a 100ml bag of Purigen
Sand, UP Aqua Shrimp
Rocks: Yamaya
Plants: Anubias Nana, Round Pellia, True Rotola Indica
Animals: Cory Cat Trilineatus (4), Pseudomugil Gertrudae (8), Danio Margaritatus (11), Blue Velvet (3), Snowball (3), CRS (1)

My journals: 60F - 60P - Aquatop Cube - 22G Long

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