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First ever journal- takes a turn Updated 3/20/13(20G L)

Hello ladies and gents. My name is Paul and I decided to get back into it. A lot has changed since the last time I've tried a planted tank and so I'd like to throw this up here for input, as well as provide newbies, like myself, with information and where I go wrong or what I would have done differently. Regardless, not really sure what the final result will be but I've always wanted a rimless tank.

Unfortunately, I can't afford the quality rimless and so I decided to settle with a 20L and remove the top rim ONLY. It seems as though many people have success with this so I'm taking the chance. I went out and picked this bad boy up yesterday and started the derimming process.

I started by pulling on the middle of the plastic bracket until it peeled back and, with an exacto knife, cut the silicone away from the bracket. The corners had proved to be a little tricky and I ended up breaking the corners by pulling up on the connecting sides.

Once I was able to (gently) do that, the bracket came off rather easily and the glass was in decent shape with a ton of silicone goo.

Although sloppy, I decided to leave the goopy corners to minimize the chance of leaks. The excess was removed with a razor. I took my time here (about 3 hours) as I didn't want to scratch the glass too much. Once that was off, the raw glass was pretty sharp and jagged and, I tried sanding the top with 400grit sand paper wrapped around a 9V battery. That didn't do much so I went with a green 3m scotchbrite pad. Carefully roughed the sharp spots away and polished away the corners with the 400 grit. I have to say, I couldn't be happier! While, obviously, no where near the quality of purpose built tanks, it came out really good considering how much I've spent thus far. Anyway, I've wiped it down and decided on the location. As it stands:

I'll be filling it up with water tonight and checking it for leaks while I figure out my lighting situation. I'd like to run two separate light fixtures from the ceiling with a white housing, they'd hang above the tank. Does anyone have any suggestions on this? I'm thinking housing similar to desk top lamps ( something like this.
I have vaulted ceilings and don't have much room above the tank and don't know what type of bulbs I should go with or if this is even a reasonable idea or if I should stick with traditional housing.

Anyway, thanks for the input and looking guys!


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