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WALMART Kitty Litter

Originally Posted by zankotsu View Post
I busted open a bag of additive free kitty litter. I got it wet and it's sitting in a bucket... It seems to be really silty with very fine, soft clay. Am I staring at a bucket of useless mud? I didn't plan on capping this substrate. The brand is called "Kitty Diggins" (gross). Should I try another brand? What are your experiences?
I have actually used it so this is first hand. I have about 1-1/2 bags of Walmart UNSCENTED Kitty Litter in my 36 bowfront that has been set up about 3 months. I rinsed it in a bucket, stirring it and letting the water overflow, carrying off the silt. After putting in tank, I agitated the substrate and let the canister filter do its job, then replaced the floss(?). No problems with the feel or appearance. It has the same feel as when I put it in. Water is crystal clear. I use DIY Osmocote capsules for the root system of the crypts and swords.

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