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i had picked this tank because it's so much longer then the other 2.5 gallon tanks and he is so happy in his 1 gal bowl (blowing bubble nests daily) that i want him to have more room to run.

he's pretty mellow so i may try a shrimp in with him, are cherries better then ghost (why she likes ghost is beyond me)
already planned on ditching the top, adding a filter, have a heater/light already with a plant in his bowl.

i do want to keep it really small as i like it on the dining room table (it's where i have my coffee and work during the day and he seems to be happy hanging out with me)

do i need anything under the tank?

just ordered the substrate, once it's here i'll get the plants (or maybe before so i can desnail them (the anachas came with a pond snail - ick)

any thoughts on type of snail (dear lord please don't let there be a 'ghost' snail)...
i love the cherry shrimps, so maybe i'll win that one.. but she had to settle on the betta .. hmm...
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