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I've been breeding Azureus for about a year now. It's surprisingly easy.

You actually do have to scrape the glass from algae every once and a while. My favorite part is how easy the plants are to care for. Snails often find there way into the viv, but it is usually beneficial to have them. The diseases that the frogs can get are often fatal. A diseased frog is more often than not a weak frog. It is usually better in the long run if they get eliminated from a disease rather than stick around because the owner is fighting for them. As long as the frog is healthy it won't catch a disease or infection and a healthy frog is very easily achieved.
If you want to get into the hobby make sure to get an account on Dendroboard. I've seen and received amazing and helpful advice from the people on the forum. I can also hook you up with some frogs if you have a vivarium ready for them.

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