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I have had this tank for about 3 months now and I am real happy with it, considering it cost me $95 at my LFS and came basically with everything you need to go home and get it setup for cycling right away.

I am no expert... yet lol - but so far the stock light on it seems sufficient for low light plants, sure they arent growing FAST but they are growing, it is a good light if you go with low light plants, which I have... plus I have floating plants for my tigher endler fry which shades plants below and they still are gradually growing. Not to mention I only dosed prime twice in the 3 months or so of ownership (I stopped because of concerns for my inverts in the tank... it seemed they didnt like it but I need to research this more).

Anyway, if you are interested in this tank take a look at my new journal:

Andrew's 1st tank - fluval spec V - never ending breeding

and if you dont feel like clicking, here is a picture of my current scape with this tank:

hopefully this helped you guys
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