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Andrew's 1st tank - fluval spec V - never ending breeding

Hey there, take a look at some recent pictures and a video of the tank... I have enjoyed looking through many of the journals here, this forum really has some amazing aquariums!

This is my first and only tank, I definitely want to start more but I won't until I am more stable...

Anyway, it is a fluval spec 5gallon tank, all stock except now that it is cold out I have added an ugly 25w water heater.


green wendtti
anubias (unknown variety to me)
nana grass
dwarf grass of some sort
1 marimo ball

Fish & Inverts:

4x Red cherry shrimps
1x Dwarf orange crayfish
2x Assassin snails
15+ Tiger endlers of varying maturity
unknown number of pond snails being hunted by the assassins


^ the last couple are most recent with some new growth and the damn heater installed


Thanks for looking

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