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Well, heres the deal. In the 2.5g, I wouldn't keep anything but shrimp. So, you could have 15-30 cherries or ghosts, whatever. The smallest I would keep a betta in is 5g. As for plants, you are limited to mosses and dwarf/petite species, even with a 5g. In my Spec, i have taiwan moss, crypt parva and anubias nana 'petite.' Substrate, you can really use anything you want, since you need so little. I used fluval plant stratum in my Spec. Lighting will be the issue. I doubt that those LED's are powerful enough to sustain plant life, therefore, you would be tossing the lid all together. You would want to get a small CFL (5000-10000 range), 8w or so, and a desk lamp standing behind it, pointing directly down (bulb vertical, not horizontal).
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