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Cloudy Water after API AlgaeFix dosing

Short version - For folks that have used AlgaeFix successfully, did any of you experience cloudy water after dosing? I'm trying to find out if this is normal, or is an issue in my tank that I need to address?

Long version
Last night, I dosed API AlgaeFix on my ADA 120-P to address a recent green hair algae (spirogyra) bloom. When I checked my tank this morning, I noticed that the tank water is suddenly cloudy. Sadly, this looks a lot like what happened to me a while back when I accidentally killed off the beneficial bacteria in my filter and caused a new cycle.


ADA 120-P (65-ish gallons)
Rena Filstar XP4
Hydor Inline heater 300W
Hydor Koralia Nano 240gph

ATI Powermodule (only running 2x54W, around 65 umol at the substrate)
ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia (the "new" one?)
Pressurized CO2 on timer. Starts 2.5 hours before lights on. Diffused using ADA glass diffuser right under the Koralia Nano.
EI dosing ("tweaked")

25 Nannostomus Mortenthaleri
3 Nannostomus Beckfordii
6 Pseudomugil Tennelus
6 Pseudomugil Gertrudae

It's an iwagumi-style scape, so plant mass is not very high. Just dwarf hairgrass, HC, and e. hydropiper.

I've had the tank since 2007, but I did recently move to my new place earlier this March. The tank basically has been cycled for at least six months now.

As you can probably tell, I'm not new to planted tanks. I've had green hair algae blooms multiple times in the past -- the culprit is almost always CO2 deficiency, but I've also experienced it with sudden ammonia spikes, and/or potassium deficiency. The solution for me for this particular algae has always been clean up, water change, increase CO2 and/or dosing, and possibly add an army of amano shrimp. This time around, I'm 99.99% sure I triggered the algae when I adjusted CO2 down (fish gasping at the surface at the end of the 8-hour photoperiod), but a little too low. While I already know how to address the underlying issue, I also want all traces of this algae gone quickly as I'm having guests over this weekend.

What I did last night:
- Took out all green hair algae that I could using a toothbrush.
- Wiped the glass
- 50% water change with tap water and seachem prime.
- Filter maintenance - changed filter floss, took out the bag of purigen, cleaned the propeller. I did not touch the foams and the other 2 baskets of filter stuff, aside from taking it out temporarily to discard the dirty water in the filter.
- Dosed 1 tsp GH Booster, 3/4 tsp potassium nitrate, 1/4 tsp potassium phosphate
- Dosed 1.25 tsp API Algae Fix.

The fish were still asleep when I checked earlier, so I don't know if their behavior has changed. I do know pseudomugils are quite sensitive to ammonia in the water, so I guess I'll easily find out when I get back from work if I did manage to kill my beneficial bacteria..

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