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Although you already threw it out... let me remind you that mosses are very resilient compared to other plants. You can probably still salvage it from the trash if it's yellow, so long as there is still green on it, it will recover over time.

I encountered the same problem you did months ago, I ordered 9 7x7 Flame moss pads from a seller in China, he had good reviews though and an amazing DOA guarantee, on top of free shipping it was a steal!

Anyways, 4 of the 9 pads came in withered, as they were stuck up in the customs office for an unnecessarily long time. They had withered from the bottom up, turning a yellow color, but they were definitely still alive if not just dried out. 1 of those 4 pads was 85% yellow and parts of it had turned brown.

I didn't throw ANY of it out, instead I plucked out bunches of it from the mesh and planted it in a loose carpet in the substrate of a 10g. Needless to say, with vigilant trimming and the right environment the moss rebounded very quickly, all the yellow had recovered and all the brown parts I snipped off regrew.

After 3 total weeks from the time of delivery my flame moss had carpeted the entire length of my 10g and began growing bushes upward toward the light.

It is a slow grower, but that is relative to the rate of faster growing mosses. This moss still grows like a freaking weed!

Note, I do not dose any ferts or run Co2 in this 10g, it sits outside with a heater, filter, and a dual 6500k fixture that I turn on after direct sunlight stops hitting the tank. Light time is 10-12 hours.

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