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Ughmm ... fish lovers don't get mad at me. Sunday passed to Monday and nothing happened. Tuesday (today) morning, a few Brigittaes were swimming funny. Afterwork, I found all my Brigittaes dead except one.

I don't know why they died as I can only assume that these fishes were being out competed food wise. The Gertrudeas ate all the food up top, and the CPDs and Corys ate all the food on the bottom. Not sure the Hikari micro pellet can even fit inside the Brigittae's mouth.

So, I took the lone fish out into a bowl and fed him some Hikari micro pellets. I came back after dinner, and he was dead too.

I started out with 12 Brigittaes. 2 died even before I put them into the tank, and the rest died within 48 hours. And, they all died within about 8 hours of each other.

Water test here:

Ammonia: 0
Nitrate: 0
Nitrite: 0
PH: tough call but I think it's 6.8

ALL the other critters are doing fine except one of my two CRS died. He was a Mosura SSS, so I didn't expect him to make it anyways since they are so sensitive especially with the water just set up.

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