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It's been about two weeks so it's time for an update.

Front of the tank wiped dry.

The hairgrass has exploded in growth. I think adding my DIY CO2 helped.

Added some more fissidens (thanks Jellie!)

Added another stem of L. arcuata and L. sp Red. They were growing slanted towards the light so I moved the fixture a little bit over the driftwood.

Here's some of the leftover grass. The substrate is MGOCPM with osmocote pellets. Started with about 10-12 plants about 3 weeks ago.

Some other updates:
One of the erios melted away. The other one isn't doing much. I might just remove it and try reviving it outside my tank in a smaller container. If I do remove it, I'll probably use that spot for some crypt parva. I've decided to keep the water level up since it helps with the humidity. After I turn off the lights, I remove a corner of the plastic wrap over the tank to let some fresh air in over night. I haven't had any problems yet with this method. There's a little bit of BGA growing on the CO2 diffuser but it isn't anything to be worried about. If anything, I'll douse the diffuser in H2O2 or bleach before using it in the submerged setup. Other than the little bit of BGA and the melting erio, everything is going fine. I think I'll still wait for the grass to fill in a bit more in the front before I fill it up.

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