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Long overdue update !!

First the pics:

The details:

Has you can see, lots of changes here

1. First the hairgrass is gone, all of it. Got tired of the half assed look. I pulled out some crazy runners though.

2. Added a few more plants. please dont ask me the names cuse I always forget, if you can identify them more power to you. I like those red bushy stems great contrast with the green.

3. Found a Whisper 60 at a thrift shop. $3, amazing. Lots of volume filtering without the surface trashing. Adjustable flow too. Love it.

4. Downgraded to 13watt bulbs, and added a lights out period to the timer midday too much algae . Hopefully the next thing below will take care of it.

4. The major change , pressurized CO2!! 5lbs tank , Smiths single stage regulator , cheap Lowes needle valve ( got some SMC AS2200 on the way) , bubble wand diffusing ( glass diffuser/bubble counter on the way) . Its a bit hack right now , but its doing the job. Need to grab a drop checker, pronto.

Added fauna:

1. Crown tail betta ( Walmart rescue)
2. One banded and one spotted Nerites.
3. 8 ghosties on the breeder HOB

That's it!! Comments appreciated ...
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