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Originally Posted by CatSoup View Post
In case it's not already assumed, there is plenty of tone here:
It is disgusting to have such blatant disregard for life just because it's "cheap" to replace. Fish can feel, just like you can.
Sorry, this might be a misinterpretation. This isn't a blanket discussion of all fish. Just breeder guppies that have gotten out of control, or cheap feeders like that minnow. This was also addressed, the humane thing to do would be to kill them painlessly and quickly before using them as ammonia additives in place of fish food. IF you wanted to use them as a reliable ammonia additive.

That's also assuming they suffer and die in the cycling tank, for this I want to repeat this.

Originally Posted by aokashi View Post
With the ratio of plants to one minnow and 7 gallons of water. I dont even know why fish abuse is being discussed here.

I would personally enjoy this much more than a feeder tank. <LOL This is not a plant less cycle...(which will probably incite a lot more hate)
Don't assume that I have a disregard for the life of my guppies just because I refer to them as feeders and food fish, I house them in appropriate conditions and give them a happy environment to live out their lives until their impending doom, it's just how it is.

With a great volume of water, a previously established colony of bacteria, and adequate control of the ammonia levels in the tank, the fish will create ammonia and eventually die and add to it. Who said that I put my guppies in to burn in a concentrated ammonia bath? (bah rhetoric flaw)
You are assuming that I use guppies to start the cycle-I don't. I said they usually end up dying-like most feeders do-and that I don't remove their bodies so the bacteria can turn it into ammonia. This was established. They're even fed, so that their waste can turn into ammonia. It's like a light fish cycle, with low ammonia levels. Entirely different topic.

If you want a discussion about the morality of how we should feel and talk about raised fish food, we should take it to a separate place. Why do we need to continue to drag OP's original post away from what it is?

Even though my intentions were not to cause a thread fallout, I've done it again, so, if you have further comments, please PM me. I am willing to hear what you want to say. Your opinion matters to me, if you can show me "the light" I will be willing to "accept it." No more from me. I don't want to get in trouble.

P.S. Ignorance is defined as "lack of knowledge or information," not of conflicting opinions.

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