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Originally Posted by bluestems View Post
mail came today!

And, despite one box coming in like this...

all was packed very well and intact.

The bracket is MUCH nicer than I expected. I'm seriously considering upgrading my tank to a 45P... if I can find one. Until then, I'm looking to suspend it without the bracket.

Can't wait to put it all together! More HC is on order, expecting by the end of the week. It's hard to believe that after months of waiting and anticipation, it's finally all coming together.

So now it's the next day, my light is still sitting *next* to the tank while I ponder just how best to suspend it.

The easiest/cheapest route would be to drill four small holes, two on each side to accommodate a y-shaped hanging kit. I'd need something to bring the cord out towards the side of the tank, as the light is shorter than my tank by about 10 cm. I'm also not sure how big the suspension kit components are, and whether they would look in proportion to the light.

It might not be too difficult to create some kind of mount similar to the acrylic one, but without the legs. See pictures above... the lighting unit has an overhang on each side that cradles it in the gap. I could make the mount as wide as the tank (50cm) and guide the light cord to come down directly next to the side of the tank.

A third option could be to use some kind of small version of this metal gripper, two per each side along the metal lip of the light unit. I'm checking out what the hardware store has that might work...

Any other ideas?

my little eden
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