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Have a list to go off of now

++Neptune aquatics in milpitas
Great plant selection overall, display tanks, reasonably priced, and corals
+Albany Aquarium in the east bay
They QT before they sell and it's reflected in their prices so keep that in mind
Their plants are specifically labeled with what they dose

Dolphin Pet Village in campbell
Plecos and nerites, though plants...go to above
They have displays of diff. fluorites
Aquatic Lifeforms on S. Mary Ave. in Sunnyvale
If u go to dolphin u might as well stop by if u want, if u have time

While in Las Vegas, I have to recommend the Shark Tank in Mandalay Bay. Touristy, yes, for sure. Go in and first take 2-3 reg pics then one where there's a shark to your top right.
Small, def. compared to Monterey Bay Aquarium(check that out too, their outer bay exhibit, sometimes have a great white shark(confirm on website), and sea otters). It's like a 20-30min walk thru easily if it isn't too crowded and you don't stand and gawk. Wear comfy shoes tho bc it's a walk just thru Mandalay to their aquarium.
BUT 1) arapaimas, yes S
2) large pacus, red tail sharks, and freshwater rays
3) piranha riparian
45678910) sawsharks
There's more, but that's what I liked most. And the Komodo dragon.
Also, go when the suns out bc they use/go by natural lighting and they don't seem to clean the glass very much so weird stuff on the glass at kid level, raised kid level by the end of the day
And, of course, Congratulations
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