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Originally Posted by Steveboos View Post
I agree with the above. This is not a good situation at all, this is why in the future, always have the tank up and cycled before ordering the shrimp. But for now, try and stuff the temporary tank with floating plants and fast growing plants and use some tank water and you should be ok till you can get the new tank setup. Just test the water on the temporary tank often to make sure Nitrate doesn't get too high.
Sorry to disagree with the nitrate thing.

No3 is not really harmful to them, is the nh4 and no2 that came before no3 what is poisonous. So test for nh4(ammonia) and no2(nitrite), because if there is no readings for no3 yet but there is ammonia and nitrite then the water is no good.
No3 is at the end of the cycle. We really need to be careful with the previous nitrogen compounds.

This is why people can keep shrimp with more than 150ppm of no3 from ferts. If that was coming from ammonia and nitrate then it would be toxic, not the no3 but the previous nitro compounds.

Anyhow, my point is: testing for no3 in a non cycled mass of water is not enough as a preventive measure.

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