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Arrow i want to add fish

you can see what im talking about at my youtube channel abassnamedhank

i have a 30 gallon long that i drained down to about 5 inches. left side is the dry part layered with bigger rocks covered in gravel covered in dirt with some grass growing. the right side is the wet part with a lot of java fern, a small rubens sword, a crypt, and something else that looks like a chain sword but its not.

currently housing 2 American bullfrogs raised from tadpoles there still juvinials now. no heater, temp stays around 74-76. using a 10 gallon rated filter.

ive tried feeding the frogs feeder fish by hand like most there food but they didnt take. so im thinking about puting some fish in the water. something that can handle shallow water. getting kicked by a frog on accident. nothing fragile. and cheap so its not a big deal if it does get eaten.

and dont tell me i need a bigger tank and blah blah blah ive already got one im just waiting for these guys to grow.

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