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Can't make sense of lighting

I have read every resource that I can find online regarding lighting a tank, but even still, I am uncertain of just how much I need. I have read that if the tank is over 18" than the watts per gallon must have 1-2 watts extra added to the 2-3 watts per gallon rule. I have also read that watts per gallon really don't count as much as it used to with the new technology on the market these days. I do understand that the Kelvin ratinf is important. If I am correct, I need about 6500 K to keep a low tech tank healthy.

I am hoping that someone out there can give me a straight to the point answer to this same question I've been beating again and again (through my own research to no prevail) over the past year.

What lighting equipment should I purchase for my 48"L x 18"W x 23"T (actually from the glass top it is 24") tank? I keep low light to medium light plants and never plan to use Co2 injection.

I also want to add some "shimmer" to my tank to resemble the sunshine as well as enjoy gentle "moonlighting" for 30 minutes each am and pm before lights out.

Right now I have two 75 watt, T8 pink lights that need new housing all together. It was used and does not put out steady, reliable light. I also have my lighting top from my old 30 gallon on the tank that uses one T5 6500K and 1 blue antic bulb (I know, useless on freshwater but it came with the setup and brings out the blue in the fish) I do not have a problem with algae...there's a little here and there on some rocks, but no more than a teaspoon in total.

I want to have one light fixture that I can hook a timer up to and use moonights and plant lights under the same hood without touching a thing to alternate, if that's even possible.

Thanks a bunch!
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