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Fish room set-up journal

I've been slowly gathering more and more tanks and it's about time I start to organize.

Currently filled in this room are the following:
-10g Mosquito fish & guppy tank
-20L Crypt grow out tank with shrimp
-28g Goldfish tank
-40g breeder planted community tank
-55g planted CA biotope tank with sunfish

I just received/need to incorporate:
-100g, will be a community planted tank
-60g? long divided tank, will be used for killifish breeding
-32g? Maybe a sump?
-40g cube, again maybe a sump?

Currently the 40b is being filtered with a canister, the 55g with two HOB filters, and the 10, 28, and 20L all have single HOB filters. I just received a very large canister filter as well an a very large inline pump which I hope to use to circulate water throughout all of my tanks in order to eliminate all of the HOB filters.

I appreciate any feedback/recommendations.

Here are current pics of where things are but all tank placement is now up in the air.

Current layout. Tanks in the middle of the floor are the new unfilled ones.

Actual room pics are a bit messier. Like I said, this room needs to be organized

10, 20L and 28



New tanks, filter, pump:
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