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Originally Posted by Ihs View Post
Good job...
As far as CO2 is concerned, I would suggest that it turns on half to an hour after lights on and turns off about an hour before lights out, or dial a low bubble rate and start it with the lights letting it build concentration while plants increase their photosynthetic rate.

Bubble count, well you can start with a couple of bubbles per sec and monitor it for a few days to see if you need to dial it a bit up or down. Be careful not to have too much CO2 by the end of the photo period...ideally you will want very little.

If anyone else disagrees or has something to add please do so.
Thanks for your reply! I have been turning on the CO2 when I wake up, while there's a good amount of ambient non direct sunlight, you figure that I am wasting CO2 during those times ?

Thanks for the tip about turning it off about an hour before, I have been turning it off right before picking up another digital timer for the CO2 controller, I'm just waiting to see if the PH controller is an easy fix or not first.

Currently I am at ~17 BPM and the drop tester on the side of the tank shows GREEN and I am not seeing any lethargy from the fish or the shrimp, I am seeing good growth on the Hornwort (I think that's what my little ghost shrimp is happily chillin on)

Click image for larger version

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I really can't wait to see where this tank is in a few weeks! I'm pretty excited to see if I can grow enough plants to cover up all of the equipment behind the glass (filter tubes, cords, etc etc) I have yet to be able to get a tank to do that
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