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Hi All,

Too bad, quality local aquarium shops are good for the local hobby and local clubs. During high school and my first year of college I worked at Vick's Aquarium at 7248 Gravois. They were the area's largest fish, plant, and dry goods wholesaler and distributor at the time. Weekly shipments came in from FL, Asia, and SA. They also built their own line of brass anodized (gold colored) aluminum frame aquariums.

Vick's Aquarium (slightly before my day!)

75 Gallon, 2X55W AH Supply CF 8800K, 1XFluval F&P 2.0 48"/59W, 2X Marineland 350 Magnum filters; 45 Gallon Tall, 96Watt AH Supply CF 6700K, 1X Marineland 350 Magnum filter; 30 Gallon Long; Fluval F&P 2.0 36"/46W, Marineland C-220 filter; 20 Gallon, 1X26W AH Supply LED kit, Marineland C-160 filter; all with Press. CO2 and (Calcined) Montmorillonite Clay
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