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[QUOTE=Hoppy;2044164]Yes, I agree with that. The problem would be that the big bubble of CO2 didn't get dissolved into the water so the efficiency of the reactor would suffer. My external reactor, vertical, also built up a big bubble at the top, and it worked fine for me, but I knew it could be more efficient if the bubble didn't build up.

Maybe i didn't explain it enough, At the point that the bubble is large enough to come with in the path of the water, the main stuck bubble stays in place,, but new c02 bubble have no choice but to follow along with the water movement, The suck bubble if you will acts like a wall stopping more bubble from collecting. Making it like we didn't have a stuck problem at all, after all we are talking about a very tiny part of the reactor. So the rest of the reactor is behaving as planned? If the c02 was not dissolving into the water, then i would see bubbles coming out of the reactor, because c02 can't stay in the reactor forever, it must come out.... Looking at the discharge clear flex hose I can see very very tiny bubbles and as it dumps into the return section of the sump i can't see any bubbles at all. I am still waiting for my drop checker to come in. I am very curious as to how c02 we have in the tank. Right now we our doing about 3 bubbles a sec, I hope that is enough? The fish don't seem stressed out.


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