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Good job...
Wise decision to add plant soil.

IMO you could cut down the photo period a bit, except if during those hours there s a period of dimmed lighting or moon light. Keep an eye on the plants behavior, and for any algae bloom. That will be your main hint that your tank is doing or not doing well...

As far as CO2 is concerned, I would suggest that it turns on half to an hour after lights on and turns off about an hour before lights out, or dial a low bubble rate and start it with the lights letting it build concentration while plants increase their photosynthetic rate.

Bubble count, well you can start with a couple of bubbles per sec and monitor it for a few days to see if you need to dial it a bit up or down. Be careful not to have too much CO2 by the end of the photo period...ideally you will want very little.

Keep in mind that inline reactor tend to be quite efficient in dissolving CO2.

Hope I helped a bit.
If anyone else disagrees or has something to add please do so.
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