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Haven't tried any of the Eheim classics (although I have read very good comments and I am waiting for a 2217 to arrive), but I would go based on the final setup...If your planing on hiding and somewhat obstructing the water flow and/or high fish load..I would suggest the 2217..If your going for a heavily planted tank and a nice unobstructed flow then the 2215 should do the trick...give it some thought yourself...based on your setup which will deliver nutrients more efficiently.

As for the kessil lights... I think 150w will be an overkill...then again I haven't seen it in action or read much about it but judging from what LEDs I have seen or tested 150w from a single LED cannon might be too much for freshwater. Why not look into something of lower wattage which will be cheaper as well?

My 2 cents
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