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Quick update!

I found a piece of slate here on campus! It's about the shape I like, being about 6"wx5"lx1"thick with down-sloping sides, and I believe heavy enough to hold down my driftwood, especially after I managed to hold it down in my 10 gallon using only the gravel in there.
However, I am stumped as to how I am supposed to attach the slate to the wood. That is to say, I know you can drill a hole through the slate, and use a stainless steel screw to attach the wood to it, but I don't have a drill. And if I did, I wouldn't know how to drill rock. My school has a tech department, with lathes and drills and electron welders and such, so I might stop by there some time and ask if they can try to drill the hole, but if the rock breaks, I'm out this lovely piece of free stone.

There is another option I read about, using silicone, but how secure is that, exactly? Especially since the part I would apply the silicone to is really rather... bumpy. Would only a few drops on the main contact points work? And what if I want to use the wood again, in a different position? Would I be able to remove the silicone cleanly?

Choices choices.
What do you think?

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