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If you use a hang on prefilter(say you want to change the placement some day, you can, and it does not take up planting space in the tank) and have 2 drains for the over flow and the wet/dry,add ball valves to each drain and make one pipe about 1-2" taller than the other......... it's VERY quiet.

See Bean animal's design.

Also minimizes CO2 lost also and adds another 1-2 ppm of O2 over a canister filter system.

All you have is small prefilter scoop in the tank and a small return that you can blast with any pump return of choice. Cleaning? You have a prefilter sponge, which is a 10-15 second pull and squeeze.......and the block sponge below? Once every 3-6 months. Squeeze and return. 10X easier than cleaning a canister filter.

Constant water level in the aquarium, no changes and no degassing changes, evaporation tops, no surface scum.

Here's my 70 Gal example:

Tom Barr
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