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Originally Posted by GraphicGr8s View Post
Hey if your using leftover more power to you.

Same problem here with the BBS. I have a Dakota so I can take full sheets. And even though I have a RAS that can cut it in half I mostly break it down with a straight edge guide and a circ saw. This is one case I prefer corded though. Yeah I understand cordless to do it in the parking lot.

The other thing I was thinking is you could have made it 2 hinged pieces. Then you would be able to open left, right or both.
Thought about doing two separate doors but figured I'm only going to open the door to feed the fish or do water changes or putz around adding plants for 2 out of 3 I'd rather have full access to the top then be limited buy the hood.

Not sure about the new math but where I come from 5/16" is thicker than 1/4" (4/16")
Actually it's 5.2 mil thick whatever that converts over to.

And I still have a feeling this post of mine isn't going to come across as I mean it. But I did spend time to type it.
No Worries.

I'd hate to post a picture of the lightstrip I made 35 years ago. Fortunately there is no evidence left. It went on the burn pile a long time ago.

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