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Omg, your guy is gorgeous Cellophane color? And looks like he can actually swim! XD Would probably get a plakat betta like that or a girl if I were doing this again. There were some at the store with perma-stuck open fins (half-moons, I think) that looked like they'd have an even worse time trying to get around, jeeze.

The swords haven't really been growing up/out so far, but are throwing out roots and new leaves like crazy--if they start getting too big, will try and foist them off on somebody and replace with...something. I bought some liquid fertilizer at the pet store with iron and potassium that they said might be needed for the plants in the substrate. Will see how it goes!

I noticed some tears in his tail around the time ghost shrimp were introduced and moved shrimpies to a fish bowl for a few days, but tail kept getting more tattered even with them gone. Caught betta sleeping nestled up against filter intake vents (why???) with his tail partially inside, so I suspect that may have been the cause. Moved shrimpies back and panty-hosed filter, everything's been good so far!
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