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Originally Posted by haterr View Post
I was there last night, didn't realize so many TPT members would also be. I won 4 of the raffles with my cousin but they ended up being 75% used, expired and mostly trash in those raffle bags.

Glad everyone had fun!
My jaw dropped as you kept going up to pickup the raffle prizes. Glad you guys had fun. We should seriously get name tags as a whole bunch of us sat in the adjacent row to you.

Originally Posted by furnfins View Post
yah, there's never anything too great in those bags, I just buy raffles to support the club, I am a member. I was hoping I'd hit the 50/50 instead
That 50/50 auction may bring lots of folks out of the woodwork however, judging by the crowd, it seemed to be more of a salt/brackish dominant community there with a smaller fresh water and even smaller planted tank keepers. I was really surprised at the size of livestock being auctioned but there were definitely some great frag and salt water deals that night. I just wished they auctioned schools of fish rather than individual fish... Just seemed really odd having a small tetra being sold separately.

Originally Posted by DeLaFe View Post
Where are you in NYC? If possible, I can pick some up for you next time I go to Yonkers and pass by Pet Goods. They always get them in and they have two different types! I picked up six for myself the last time I went.

That would be really cool and maybe if you could for a few of us for the next meet franks aquarium currently sells the pygmae too but it would be either a Brooklyn or long island pickup.

Originally Posted by sunyang730 View Post
Is that where Rachel is?

I am in Brooklyn.
She is far from Brooklyn. You can either get them from pet goods or from franks aquarium for local pickup or have Rachel ship to you.

Originally Posted by Qckwzrd View Post
If you are a cichlid lover this was the auction for you. From African cichlids to angels and discus. It also made me wish I had a marine tank again. The prices for the fish and frags was great! I ended up getting some killifish and I donated a few bags of plants. Overall I enjoyed myself but was looking for more not so common fish and plants. I showed up what I thought was late but ended up being right on time.
I'm sorry we didn't meet on the night. hope you can come out to our next event.

Special thanks to matt "mrbrongher" for getting us together for this event. it's Always great to see everyone.

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