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Originally Posted by somewhatshocked View Post
Excel can work pretty well in tanks where you can't or don't want to supplement with CO2 (if the plants need the CO2 in the first place). Beware: it's toxic in certain concentrations to most invertebrates.

When it comes to liquid ferts? You're paying for water. Why not buy dry ferts and mix your own (there are handy fert calculators all over the place to help you - as well as this forum) with some distilled water? That'll work wonders.

If you're dead set on buying liquid ferts, consider buying from one of the forum sponsors so you're getting more bang for your buck.
Thanks again

I was doin' some research and discovered Osmocote Plus.

Could I use these two products (empty capsules + actual osmocote plus grains) with success in such a small tank?

Advice on how to do this?

Also, the more I look at my current LED, the less faith in it I have.

If I wanted to upgrade, what would be an inexpensive option?

I looked at CFL, but am not sure if I want to spend money to change those every 6 months or so.

What pico LEDs are available for my little FW?
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