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Hey if your using leftover more power to you.

Same problem here with the BBS. I have a Dakota so I can take full sheets. And even though I have a RAS that can cut it in half I mostly break it down with a straight edge guide and a circ saw. This is one case I prefer corded though. Yeah I understand cordless to do it in the parking lot.

The other thing I was thinking is you could have made it 2 hinged pieces. Then you would be able to open left, right or both.

Not sure about the new math but where I come from 5/16" is thicker than 1/4" (4/16")

And I still have a feeling this post of mine isn't going to come across as I mean it. But I did spend time to type it.

I'd hate to post a picture of the lightstrip I made 35 years ago. Fortunately there is no evidence left. It went on the burn pile a long time ago.

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