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Thanks, I think it looks a lot better too!

As for the background plants, what I am trying to get hands on is rotala sp. "green" which I think it would do best in this tank. I am constantly checking the "FS/Trade" section on this forum for rotala stems. All the plants are ordered online, Florida (more specifically Orlando) is the worst place for planted aquariums. Those 2 plants aren't the only ones there, but they are the two I think would be good to practice trimming on, since they can get real dense and compact. I might also add ludwigia arcuata and other redder plants to have some red shades too.

As for other places to buy plants, liveaquaria has the issue with shipping fee, and their stock of plants are more or less equal to other non-shipping-fee heavy stores. As for AFA, I got my aquasoil with a shipping fee of $40, so I do not want to know the fee for live plants.

The main goal is to have all the plants come at one time, so I can start immediately when they arrive so there won't be any stressed plants who are waiting for others to arrive.

Sooner or later I would have a planting plan using Paint to show everything.

Chime in on this everyone!!!
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