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First of all, thanks for the feedback and showing interest guys! I really, really, appreciate your opinions and thoughts! It's even more rewarding for a unexperienced guy, like me!

So, I've seen some questions here, so I'll try to answer them.

Originally Posted by tetra10 View Post
can you make a list of all of the equipment? filter,light,tank,substrate? nice start though, keep us posted!
Ok, let's go!

Filter: I am using an external filter, a hang-on. It's a Hagen Aquaclear 30. Hopefully, I'll change for an Eheim canister someday.

Tank: it's 40cm x 22 cm x 26 cm, I bought it at a local pet store, nothing special. As long as it keeps the water inside, it's good.

Lights: I use 2 x 36W Dymax Tropical Aqua PL white/pink.

Substrate: I am using the ADA Substrate System (Power Sand S + Aquasoil Amazonia Powder). First time using it, hope it works!

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