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Looks much better! Like the way the substrate elevates towards the back now. Also think the driftwood looks much better standing in that position

I think hygrophila pinnatifida would be a great plant to ring the back side of the right-most rock. Not sure how tall your tank is, so it might require some trimming towards the top if it gets too tall, but would add a nice darker color and also create a bit of a screen for that back corner, which would be useful for hiding an intake/heater and providing a sheltered location for fauna.

Hairgrass is cool, but I think it works best in a tank that's designed to be "grassy" as a theme. I've got some in my tank, but I think it's going to get swapped out for HC.

Depending on what carpet you go with you should have plenty of time to decide if the curved trimming scissors are worth it. I'd say they are, if you're going to have this tank for any length of time.

Why the limited access to background plants? Is that all you can get locally? Keep in mind there's many other great resources for getting your hands on plants. There's the RAOK/Trade forums here, online retailers like LiveAquaria or Aqua Forest Aquarium, or even things like Craigslist.
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