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Okay, I raised the substrate as much as possible and somewhat changed the proportions of the two main areas. Any thoughts?


Plants in the background: The main problem is that for some reason, I only have access to 2 green stem plants!!
Those are rotala nanjashen (which I like very much) and Hemianthus micranthemoides (which I have seen pictures of them growing very tall and bushy). I might incorporate a couple redder hue ludwigias to go along with all the green.

Plants in the midground: Haven't really decided yet, but probably going to go with some crypts, since they do give an interesting effect when they tower over low foreground plants. Tenellus might also be interesting, they could be good in between the "path" between the 2 rocks on the right. Hairgrass might be too "fuzzy" in combination for the plants that I plan to get.

Plants in the foreground: Glosso might be the main choice, since they are low growing and unlike HC, they grow faster. The only problem I have with carpet plants is that I don't have a curved trimming scissor, only a straight one, but trimming would come later and I would have time to decide if it is worth it (the curved trimming scissor I mean).

As a side note, I really want to somehow use hygrophila pinnatifida, is there any way I could incorporate in to this layout? They might look good by the rocks. This is just a suggestion, for no matter how cool that plant is, if it doesn't work then there is no point getting it.

Keep the feedback and reviews coming!!!
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