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Originally Posted by Ebi View Post
Shrimp tank FTW.
That may be what this tank becomes. I have some time though. I want to wait for the scape to fill in before adding livestock.

Any other suggestions (of any kind)?

Originally Posted by somewhatshocked View Post
The lighting will be sufficient for lower light plants like Anubias nana/nana 'petite', many Crypts, Java Ferns, moss, et al.

Any root tabs will work. Everything from DIY Osmocote Plus caps to the regular root tabs you can buy at any big box store or pet shop.

While fish do remain small, keeping them in a tiny tank with very little horizontal swimming room is not necessarily the best bet for them. Doesn't mean you can't keep them - just means it's not ideal. It's always best, in my opinion, to provide the best housing for your livestock that's possible. If you can't provide an ideal setting, consider another type of livestock like shrimp.

You definitely can't keep a happy pair of Puffers in a small tank with little to no room for territory. 5.5gal minimum or 10gal, ideally.

If you can set up a larger tank for the fish you want to keep, definitely go that route.
Thanks for the insight.

I agree on what you've said about the fish.

I'm pleasantly surprised that you think I can keep all those plants. Do you know of any low light plants that grow tall? I don't know if the Sunset Hygro is really a "low light" plant or not, but I still want to add some height to the tank.

As far as fertilizer goes, what is the "most inexpensive" option?

And how often do I need to fertilize?

As far as Dario Dario breeding is concerned, I am still highly motivated.

If anyone has any advice from me please post it here- Breeding: Dario Dario
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