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Originally Posted by somewhatshocked View Post
What sort of plants will you keep? If they're root feeders, regular root tabs will work for you.

The tank is probably too small for a Puffer and maybe too small for Pygmy Cories - but they'd be more likely to be okay in the tank. The only truly suitable livestock is shrimp. Maybe you could add a bunch of Cherry Shrimp and maybe some Otos?

I'm hesitant to recommend anybody keep Dario Dario in a tiny tank. Since they're small and territorial, it's tough for them to make their own space in a tank with that footprint.
I was thinking Anubias Barteri Petite at the base of the Driftwood and then Sunset Hygro or another tall plant in the back right corner.

Those are all pretty easy plants, right? I'm mainly wondering about the Sunset Hygro, I've never kept it before. Any other suggestions?

And do you feel the light is adequate?

What tabs do you recommend?

As far as the Fauna is concerned, I'm surprised that you're concerned. The fish I listed all stay under 1" in length (except the cory which now that I think about it probably isn't good since those guys like groups better).

If I kept a pair of Pufferfish or a pair of Dario Dario wouldn't that be OK?

Also, I'm really only interested in fish that I can breed, so go ahead and burst my bubble if breeding Puffers/Dario Dario in a Pico isn't going to work. It just means I'll be setting up a larger aquarium Lol.

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