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The Teeny-Tiny Tank (From the Alliterative Aquarist!)

Ah ha ha. I crack myself up.

But seriously. I have been meandering through Marshalls and have discovered a debatable diamond. (I'm going to keep doing this.) The have a little glass candle cube, and it's super cute (cue groans.)

(Okay, I'm done.)

It's probably a half gallon, or thereabouts. I'd love to have a tiny little shrimp tank, or maybe a snail, or something. Just. Something TINY. Maybe nothing but a moss and a small driftwood hardscape? I've never done much with actual hardscape before. I know in aquariums, tiny isn't better, but in this case I'd love to have just the little bitty micro doo-dah. Might not even bother with fauna, and just have some plants in there? Is that even a thing, to have un-populated tanks? If I worked it like a riparium, maybe?

I honestly don't know. I just really want something tiny and pretty and alive on my desk.

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