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Blyxa Japonica needs Co2 injected.
Glossostigma elatinoides needs high light and Co2 injected.
Marsilea Quadrifolia would grow with your light.
Plant finder has been my dearest and closest friend on this adventure.
From what I've read, glosso will grow better and faster in a CO2 injected tank, but doesn't require it. As I said in my previous post:
[I hypothesize] it will grow slower but horizontal, but as the light gets less intense towards the sides due to how light works and an addition of Frogbit, will probably grow a bit taller and leggier and be something nice for the D. Dario and H. Jerdoni to root through and hide in.
But it is still just an option, and simply layering the bottom with leaf litter is sounding more and more appealing as I go. Thanks for the advice on the Marsilea though :] Plant geek makes me think even more it might be nice for my tank.
B. Japonica was just one of the contestants for the forest-y area I'm wanting in the back. However, after reading about how needy it is, and brainstorming the Water Wisteria forest last night, it is even further down my list of candidates.
Thanks though!

Been wandering the forum some more, and read about including Pothos in a set-up, particularly in HOB filters and the such. It intrigued me, but I didn't think much further on it, when serendipitously, a local cafe I haven't visited in a while had a sad little one in the corner! Asked for a cutting, and now I have a cute little pothos sitting in that Dump tank I showed you.
Might include it in the eventual HOB filter of this particular tank, but who knows.
Also, did a teensy bit more research on the Hara Jerdoni, and a) they are incredibly adorable and b) require about the same foods as the D. Dario, which made me quite happy. Getting live foods for only 2-3 tiny Dario just seemed like over kill, but if I'm getting live foods for 2-3 Dario and 2-4 Hara Jerdoni, it seems to me that there would be a lot less wasted.

Also, I created a thread asking about the plausibility of using natural bones in an aquarium, and the response was generally very optimistic, so a small set of deer antlers might make it's way into this tank, but more likely into another. Just thought to mention this, since it sounds cool to me.

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