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2 Gallon Planted Fluval Spec Pico

I went to my LFS and was once again enchanted by the Freshwater side of this hobby. So, I converted one of my Saltwater Picos to Freshwater. It was created from items I already had.

Here's Day 1 October 13, 2012-

It's messy ATM, but I imagine the moss covering both the sand and log. It will be trimmed and the upper portion of the tank will be open space. I may add another plant to give it some height and inhabit the upper portion of the tank.

I'm also looking for some advice though.

I'm not as experienced with Freshwater (mainly plant care) as I wish I was. So here's my question(s).

I didn't want to purchase ADA Aquasoil or the equivalent, so I was wondering if there was a cheap way to fertilize my substrate? Also, I did CO2 once and I don't really feel like going to the expense or complicating things with that. So, what are my options if I ever decide to add other plants in the future?

Also, the stock Fluval Spec LED uses 1/4 watt leds. In reef terms that's terrible, but perhaps I can grow some low light plants using this fixture?

For Fauna, I was thinking of Pea Puffers, Pygmy Cory Catfish, Cherry Shrimp, or, my favorite option, a pair/trio of Dario Dario Fish.

I am very interested in breeding the Dario Dario fish and was wondering if it's as easy as what I've read online says. Would it be possible in a pico?

Tips/Advice/Stocking Suggestions, etc. would be appreciated.


Ehhh, just realized that I may have placed this topic in the wrong forum. Should this be moved to the Tank Journal section?

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