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It will work, it just wont be optimal growing conditions for high light species. Its K rating stands for "Kelvin" and refers to the color of the bulb from what I have read 5000-10000K is where u wanna be with most people saying that 6500K is the best for growth. But it all depends on what you have planted. As for the wattages more watts=better but the Watts per gallon rule is outdated at this point so I wouldnt be too focused on it. Just use it till you can get something, better thats what im doing. I run 2 40W 6500k t12s and 2 20w 5000k t8s over a 90g with a shoplight fixture. I want to upgrade soon but honestly my plants are growing pretty well with what im using now. Also I paid 10$ a side for some cheap 1/8thick plexi from lowes to cover my tank, it works but its warped and sagsl now and I wish I woulda got 1/4" thick. But of cousre thats twice the price Good luck and look at posts from Hoppy regarding PAR, its the measurement of Photosynthsizable(is that even a word@!) light, basically.
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