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Originally Posted by kjacks View Post
I have a fairly new 75g high tech, high light tank set up. I really need another opinion on this. Its been a while since my last aquarium setup. I have t5 6700k @ a little over 4wpg. Pressurized co2, w/sms 122 controller, ph set at 6.8. Co2 reactor. Fluval canister filter. Flourite substrate (3" deep). Full line of seachem ferts, according to seachems website schedule. I have a few rasbora tetras, 3 black mollies, 3 cory cats, 2 chinese algae eaters, 2 botia coaches, and a few shrimp... I want to grow riccia, glosso, and some red plants. My question is, how high do the lights need to be off the water? How should i be dosing ferts? What about co2 dosing? Just want some feedback... Thank you.
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