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True, I'm so used to the reef side of things I didn't think about the size of the plants.

I'm thinking of either going with a 24x12x10 tank or a 10x12x20 tank.

The first size would give me more real estate to place things, where as the second tank would allow me to have some taller plants... I don't know. I could always just go with a rimless 10G standard tank, 20x10x12 isn't a bad size.

I'm still hunting for the regulator for the Fluval CO2-88 system. I have everything but the regulator. and I don't really want to spend the money to buy the entire system again just for that one piece. Any suggestions?

Also, I've seen all these wicked cool shrimp that you guys use in these planted tanks... THAT intrigues me. I've been doing some reading online about the different requirements for each one. What is best, decide on livestock and plan the plant list around the fish/inverts? or vice a versa...
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